Monday, May 20, 2013

Tadoba Tiger Reserve

If you are a wildlife lover, then this place is a must visit in India. This place is located in Chandrapur, Maharastra. Chances of sighting tiger is high here! We were lucky enough to sight 4 tigers!! 

1. Accomodation booking
2. Safari booking (This must be done at least 1 month before, safari may not be available on the spot)
How to reach: Nearest railway station is Chandrapur which is 45 kms away
Nearest Airport is Nagpur which is 140 kms away

Where to stay:
MTDC Accomodation is the best for reasonable cost. Below are the options available.
Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Kolara (FDCM):
2 Domitories of each 16 bed capacity for 4000 INR
2 Domitories of each 8 bed capacity for 2000 INR
6 Huts of 2 bed capacity for 1900 INR
Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Moharli (FDCM):
2 Dormitory rooms each having 20 beds for 5000 INR
5 Huts each having 2 beds for 1900INR
Tadoba Moharli Tourist Co: 
12 AC Rooms available for - 1700 INR off peak and 2000 INR peak (Mid Apr to early June)

Other private accommodations are also available like svasara, tiger trails, etc..if you go for a any of these private resorts, they also provide you the safari, where as in MTDC, you need to arrange the safari by yourself. We have booked the MTDC one and got an agent who booked safari for us. Safari can be done on your own vehicle too, but my recommendation is to go with a open top gipsey as all the persons get clear view and ideal for photography which you may not get in a car or any other personal vehicle. 

Safari Details:
Morning 6.00 am to 9.30 am
Evening 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm 

We used the services of a guide - Israil Shaikh who booked safari for us, contact number: 8055537104 / 9405710472 /9226273539

Per safari, max 6 persons allowed - Rs 1800
Govt fee per safari - Rs 200
Guide fee - Rs 200
Service charges - Rs 200

Total cost : 2400 INR + Tip if any

Documents required:
Our agent asked us to email the scanned copies of our address and identity proofs which are mandatory at the time of booking. Also they verified the proofs at the safari gate, so don't forget to carry the copies of your address and identity.

Be at the gate at least 2hrs before, so that you will be in the front of the line.
Carry water, as the trip is for about 3 and 1/2 hours, you have only one place inside the forest where normal water is available (don't expect bottled water inside forest :) ).

Have a happy and safe safari!!


  1. hi Venu

    That was very helpful and informative write up! Thanks for putting up this write up!

    Would you have the contact address of any agent who can book the safaris for us?

    How much did the safaris cost?

    Can you please share these inputs also

    Thanks again

    Warm regards

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comments, I have updated the blog with more info!


  2. Hey venu,
    Thanks for the info. much appreciated. well are june and july are best time to visit.? I am planning in july

  3. In Monsoon season sightings are less compared to other seasons, but you can enjoy the greenery. Check with MTDC before you plan, they sometimes close the safari if it rains heavily. Try your luck and let us know..:)